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The Spa

Massage therapy has a positive effect on the body’s connective tissues. It reduces keloid formation when applied to scar tissue beneath the site of the massage application. Deep massage reduces excessive scar tissue formation. It also helps increase mineral retention in bone and promotes facture healing. When a bone is fractured, the body naturally forms a network of new blood vessels at the break site. Massage increases circulation around the facture and promotes fracture healing.

The body’s muscles also benefit from massage therapy. by relieving muscular tension, relaxing muscles and reducing muscle soreness and fatigue.  Massage therapy relieves muscular restriction, tightness, stiffness and spasms. It reduces muscle soreness and fatigue by enhancing blood circulation that results in an increase in the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to the muscles. Compressive strokes and cross-fiber friction strokes help separate muscle fibers resulting in a reduction of muscle spasms. When muscular tension is reduced, the patient’s range of motion is improved. Massage therapy increases flexibility by lengthening muscles and promoting relaxation. Finally, massage therapy tones weak muscles through an increase in spindle activity that stimulates minute muscle contractions.

Our Philosophy


Massage therapy has a positive effect on the skin of the body. It can increase the temperature of the skin helping to reduce stress. The increase in blood circulation from massage therapy allows the skin to create additional nutrients that improve the skin’s condition, texture and tone. Massage therapy also stimulates the oil glands increasing oil production, resulting in an improvement in skin condition and reduction of skin dryness.

Image by Christin Hume
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